Multiswitches Series dCSS

Expandable multiswitch

Programmable and cascadable dCSS multiswitch for 24 subscribers (dynamic) and up to 34 transponders (static) with 4 universal / wideband SAT inputs and terrestrial Input.

  • Programmable dCSS multiswitch
  • 1, 2 or 4 satellites (Quattro LNB 1 SAT, Wideband LNB for 2 + 4 SAT)
  • Automatic reading of the configuration data including chip set temperature
  • Usable in dynamic mode (factory setting) with 24 user bands
  • Preset to SCR frequencies for user bands 1 – 8
  • Up to 24 German-language ASTRA transponders in static mode for receiving over 200 channels
  • via a coaxial cable (comparable to an IF / IF conversion)
  • Compatible EN50494, EN50607 with extension EN50494 + and dHello protocol
  • Supports DiSEqC 1.x and 2.x commands
  • Programmable number of user bands, bandwidth, output level (AGC) Mixed operation possible: dynamic and static mode (e.g. 5 user bands dynamic and 19 fixed transponders in static mode)
  • Compatible with the system iMS58G / iMS58E / iMS54E (with Quattro LNB only!)
  • To supplement Legacy outputs

Satrix dCSS G - Basic unit

Item No.: TMV-70645
EAN No.: 4260521470645


Satrix dCSS E - Expansion unit

Item No.: TMV-70652
EAN No.: 4260521470652

Satrix iMS Bridge - Cascade adapter

Item No.: TMV-70621
EAN No.: 4260521470621

With the Cascade adapter, the iMS 54 E and iMS 58 E extension units can be used as cascade switch over several house floors

Satrix iMS NT - Power supply

Item No.: TMV-70638
EAN No.: 4260521470638

  • 18VDC/1200mA
  • Power supply for iMS Basic unit and dCSS Basic unit 

Pictures: dCSS Series