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Satrix HD Satfinder

Item No.: TMV-70010
EAN No.: 4260521470010
Model: HD Satfinder

The satellite finder is switched between the LNB and the receiver and allows for quick location and alignment with the satellites. You can find the optimum signal by using the level control to prepare the display so that the pointer always remains in motion until you find the maximum rash. The polarization plane displays also allow for optimal horizontal and vertical alignment. For better readability even in low light conditions, the display is equipped with a backlight. The power supply is provided by the SAT receiver or multi-switch.

• LED indicator for 18 V and 22 kHz
• Visual and audible signaling
• Level control
• Illumination
• Optimal alignment of both polarization planes and frequency bands
• Display of the polarization plane and the 22 kHz signal
• dB attenuator and scale illumination
• Power supply via receiver or multi-switch
• Frequency range 950 - 2150 MHz

Pictures: Satrix Satfinder